Pampered Boarding for CATS only 135 Post Ave New Stanton PA 15672

135 Post Ave
New Stanton PA  15672

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Enclosed Patio Porches

Enclosed Patio Porches

Enclosed Patio Porches

The facility is situated adjacent to a wooded area providing a friendly natural setting for your cat's viewing pleasure.  From his/her individually screened porch, numerous birds and other animals can be observed.  Each cat has access to their porch area 24 hours a day through a pet door located in their own private apartment. 


CAT Boarding

Enclosed Patio Porches

Enclosed Patio Porches

Meow Manor is a unique concept in cat lodging, utilizing air conditioned roomy apartments with individual screened porches.  Each apartment is furnished to create a more homelike environment.  The Manor is owned and operated by Marie Lowther and her staff:  Nikki the feline comfort care manager and several feline comfort care assistants.   We are dedicated to providing high quality cat care in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  And because our manager lives in the attached house, we are able to provide secure around the clock care.


CAT Apartments

Enclosed Patio Porches

CAT Apartments

We have 2 separate size apartments.  The smaller (lower) unit is 4 foot wide, 4 foot high and 8 feet long with an enclosed porch.  The larger (upper)unit is also 4 foot wide and 8 feet long including the enclosed porch but it has an upper loft  making it approximately 6 to 8 feet high.   Each apartment comes furnished with cat furniture, blanket, basket and/or hammock.   You may also bring along your kitty's own bed, blanket or toys, but we do provide these as well. 

We do provide Purina ONE dry cat food.   If you prefer kitty to have a different dry food or canned food, you may bring that along.   However, the room rates remain the same.



We also offer a cat patio playroom.  This is a 3 season all glass enclosed patio room complete with cat furniture, interactive toys, and all glass windows and knee walls for kitties to see all the activity going on outside.  



We do try daily to have all the kitties out individually for their own playtime in our patio room or in our cattery at no extra charge.  


Schedule a Tour

We do provide tours of our facility during normal business hours but be courteous of the fact that we are also checking in or out boarders and you may have to wait.  You can call and schedule an appointment with our manager at a time that may be more convenient.  

Room Rates



Required Vaccines

Required Vaccines

Owners must have written proof that all of the cat's inoculations are current.  

Some cats may NOT need all of these vaccines based on age and/or medical conditions.   We will accept your veterinarian's recommendation.


Required Vaccines

Required Vaccines

Required Vaccines

Feline Panleukemia (Distemper)

Chlamydophila (Pneumonitis)

Feline Rhinotrachetis

Feline Calcivirus

Rabies (over 3 months)


Required Vaccines

All kitties will be examined at time of admission for fleas.    There will be a charge for any required de-fleaing.  

In case of a medical emergency involving a cat boarded at the Manor, veterinary care will be provided by a local licensed veterinarian.  We will work in consultation with your own veterinarian whenever possible.

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It can be stressful to board your pet. If you have any questions or concerns about how we make your pet's home away from home, please reach out. We will get back to you soon!

Meow Manor Cattery

135 Post Avenue, New Stanton, Pennsylvania 15672, United States



Our business hours are Sunday through Friday 9-11 a.m. and 5-7 p.m.  Saturdays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

We are closed on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day but our staff will still be working to care for your kitties.  Since the cattery manager lives on the premises, we would appreciate your cooperation in observing reasonable hours