"Cats are like angels sent from above, with sandpaper kisses and hearts full of love"

135 Post Ave, P.O. Box 143, New Stanton PA  15672



Meow Manor is a unique concept in cat-lodging, utilizing fully air-conditioned, roomy apartments with individual screened porches.  Each apartment is furnished to create a more homelike environment.  The Manor is owned and operated by Marie Lowther and her staff: Nikki the feline comfort care manager, and Krys and LaCrusa, the feline comfort care assistants.  We are dedicated to providing high quality cat care in a warm and friendly atmosphere and because our manager lives in the attached house, we are able to provide secure around the clock care.

The facility is situated adjacent to a wooded area, providing a friendly natural setting for your cat's viewing pleasure.  From his/her individually screened porch, numerous birds and other animals can be observed and each cat has access to their porch 24 hours a day, through a pet door located in their individual apartment.

Attached to the rear of the building is a full glass enclosed patio room which is used for individual playtime for your kitty if he/she prefers a little more exercise and social interaction.  Some cats prefer to remain aloof and we do cater to their preferences.    
Each apartment comes furnished with a blanket, hammock or basket, and cat furniture.  If you would like to bring along the cat's own blanket, pillow, or towel, please feel free to do so.  You may also bring along some toys, but we do provide these as well.

small size

We have two sizes of apartments available.  The small (classic) one is 4 feet wide x 4 feet high x 8 feet long and has a screened in patio porch.

larger size

The larger (deluxe) one has a loft and is 4 feet wide x 6 feet high x 8 feet long and also has a screened in patio porch.

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